Custom, Permanently Installed In-Home Traditional Sauna

Convert existing space in your home into a traditional sauna with Helo custom, permanently installed sauna solutions. Just like any home/room build or renovation, you hand-pick all the materials and finishes to design your sauna to your style and home aesthetic. We then custom-cut the tongue-and-groove wood panels, pre-build benches and backrests, and package the supporting technology and components together in a ready-to-install kit. Helo dealers (recommended), general contractors familiar with sauna builds, and even experienced construction DIYers can coordinate electrical work (if required) and build the custom sauna in a few days (depending on the size of your sauna). Your one-of-a-kind sauna will be a permanent feature of your home, designed and built to enjoy for years, with minimal care and maintenance required.

Included in Ready-to-Install Custom Traditional Sauna Kit:
- Tongue-and-Groove Wood Panels for Interior Walls & Ceiling + Interior Trim
- Pre-built & Assembled Benches, Backrests, and Flooring (Duckboard / Mat)
- Pre-Hung Door
- Helo Heater, Control, Rocks, Heater Guard, and Contactor Box
- Lighting System
- Foil Vapor Barrier
- Bucket & Ladle

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