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Browse this list of commonly asked questions to find your answers about sauna heaters, controls, infrared saunas, and more.


Sauna Heater

  What size heater do I need? / How do I calculate sauna volume?

Heaters are selected based on the room dimensions. Calculate the cubic footage by multiplying the Length x Width x Height (must not exceed 96" in height). Check the heater specifications to see which align with your cubic footage.

  Do I need a drain in my sauna?

A drain can make it easier to clean a sauna, especially in a commercial facility. In a residential sauna, it is not required, but it can be helpful with cleaning or if you use large amounts of water in the sauna.

  Do you make Infrared rooms?

Yes. Helo specializes in custom far-infrared and InfraSauna (hybrid traditional and infrared sauna) rooms. While the rooms cannot exceed 420 cubic feet or a ceiling height of 84" (7 feet), we can design IR rooms for many applications.

  Can I control my sauna on my phone?

Yes, the SaunaLogic2 (SL2) control pairs with the SaunaLogic mobile app giving you access to your sauna from anywhere with a cell or data signal. The SL2 works with the Junior, Designer-SL2, Pinnacle, and Pro-SL2-C heaters.

  What is the maximum ceiling height?

Per UL-875 testing standards for safety listings, the maximum allowable ceiling height is 96" (8 feet). We cannot draw, show, or sell a room with a ceiling height exceeding 8'. Perhaps more importantly, at 8' or higher most of the sauna heat will rise above the sauna bathers; so, a ≥8' ceiling often results in a disappointing sauna experience.

  Can you help me with a steam room?

Yes. Helo partners with the Sauna360 steam division, Amerec, to provide both residential and commercial steam solutions.

  Where can I find the nearest dealer?

Head to our Find a dealer page to search for your nearest dealer.

  How do you choose a heater with the right output?

Your choice of heater will depend on how large your sauna is. Always choose a heater that provides the maximum output in relation to the size of the sauna. The greater the output in relation to the volume of the space, the easier it is for the heater to heat the sauna and maintain the temperature. It also means that energy consumption is minimized.

If your interior sauna walls are made of a heavy material, such as concrete, glass, tiles, etc., you will need a heater with a higher output.  To calculate the required output, add one cubic foot to the total volume of the sauna room, for every square foot of heavy wall material.

  Is a consumer allowed to install an electric sauna heater?

No. Only an authorized installation professional is allowed to connect a sauna heater to the electrical network, according to the electricity regulations in force.

  How can I determine what kind of heater I have?

Near the base of your sauna heater there is a data rating plate with important manufacturing details: name, model number, serial number, power rating of the heater, and the year/month of manufacture.

  Where can I find information about the minimum safety distance for my heater?

Details about minimum safety distances are noted in the operating instructions that come with each product. You can also consult your nearest dealer.

  What is the best stone for sauna heaters?

The best stone for your heater is one that is safety tested by the sauna heater manufacturer (check the manual for your chosen heater). Helo uses a vulcanite mineral stone.

*NOTE - not using Helo sauna stones may void the heater warranty. 

  Why is the use of ceramic stones not permitted in sauna heaters?

Ceramic stones destroy the heating elements and shorten their operating life considerably.

  How often is it necessary to reset and replace the sauna heater stones in normal use?

Sauna stones should be reset according to the following principle: if you use the sauna once a week, the stones should be reset once a year, if you use the sauna twice a week, the stones should be reset twice a year. When resetting the stones, remove broken and sand-surfaced stones and replace with new ones.

As they are used, stones gradually break down and become more compact. It is therefore important to restack them occasionally to allow the air to flow freely between the stones. Good air circulation is required to ensure the heater works properly and to maximize the life of the heating elements.

In a commercial sauna that is used continuously, the stone compartment should be inspected once a month and stones should be replaced when necessary.

  Should my heater be covered in stones?

Please see your heaters' technical specification for guidance on rock capacity and loading instructions.

  What do I do if there are problems with the sauna heater?

Call your Helo dealer for support and service if heater problems occur. 

  Can I pour water onto the heater?

When your sauna is hot, you can pour water over the stones to increase the humidity in the sauna. The amount of water you pour on the stones each time will depend somewhat on the size your heater. If water runs out of the bottom of the heater, it means that you've used too much water, or the stones are not hot enough. Wait a few minutes before you pour on more.

  Why doesn't the sauna heater work?

Most commonly a sauna heater won't heat because the high limit switch was tripped. This is a safety feature of the heater, which turns off the heater if the temperature inside the sauna room rises to an abnormally high level. Your control will display "HL" if this has happened. To get your heater working again you have to reset it. After the heater cools down, push the red reset button near the bottom of the heater (check your manual for exact location). Then, press the On/Off button on your control. Your sauna should be ready to use again.  

Other things beyond the high limit control you could check include:

  • Your electrical panel; see if the breaker switch has tripped.
  • Vents; are they free and clear to work as needed?

If everything seems to be in order but the sauna is still not heating up properly, contact the dealer where you purchased the heater for support.

  If the sauna heater breaks down, during the warranty period, whom do I contact?

Contact your nearest Helo dealer.

  How long is the warranty for sauna heaters?

Sauna360 offers a 5-year warranty on traditional sauna heaters that meet the following criteria:

  • Were installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided, and
  • Were properly and reasonably maintained, and
  • Have not been subjected to damage, misuse, or abuse, and
  • Are for residential use only.

For commercial locations, Sauna360 Inc or its authorized representatives with provide parts to replace those with defects in manufacturing or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase for all components.

Please refer to the warranty page for full details.

  Where can I buy spare parts for the sauna heater?

Contact your Helo dealer to buy spare parts. Click here to find a dealer close to you.

  I have an older heater model and one of the coils has stopped working. Is it possible to fit new coils in the heater?

In most cases, yes, it is possible to replace the heating coil elements. Contact a Helo dealer for more information.

Control panels

  Is the connection of an old control panel to a new sauna heater permitted?

No. The sauna heater and the control panel are always type-approved with each other.

  Is the connection of a new control panel to an old sauna heater permitted?

No. The sauna heater and the control panel are always type-approved with each other.

  Why does the temperature shown on the control panel differ from a mechanical thermometer?

The electronic control panel is more accurate than the mechanical thermometer. The measurement locations are also different, and the one used with the control is best positioned to maintain safe and accurate readings.

  Is it permitted to install the control panel inside the sauna?

The SaunaLogic2 Control panel can be installed inside or outside the sauna, provided it is a Helo built sauna room. The control is weather and water resistant. Follow the installation instructions provided in the manual.

  Where should the temperature sensor be placed?

The temperature sensor placement is dependent on your heater model/control panel. Generally, the sensor should never be placed directly above the heater, nor to far from it. Follow the instructions given in the manual for each product.

  What do I do if the sensor cable is too short to reach my installation location?

The sensor cable is four meters long and cannot be made longer. Please plan accordingly. 

Wood burning

  How do I calculate the volume of the sauna, when installing a wood burning sauna heater in the sauna?

In a classic sauna, with nearly 100% wood interior, you simply calculate your volume by multiplying the height by the width and length. Then, you'll select a sauna heater output according to the result.

Wood quickly absorbs and stores heat, making it the standard sauna interior material. If your sauna design introduces non-wood material to the interior (i.e. glass, stone, etc.), you're adding what are referred to in the industry as 'cold surfaces'. Because these surfaces don't react to heat in the same manner, your volume calculation changes slightly. Cold surfaces take longer to heat and don't maintain it well, so you'll need a heater that can accommodate. 

  • Start by calculating the volume of the sauna room: Length x Width x Height
  • Measure the surface area of the cold surfaces and multiply by two: (Length x Width) x2
  • Add these two numbers together and use this cubic volume number to guide your heater selection. 


  Does it matter what sort of stones I have in my wood-fired sauna heater?
The stones you have in a wood-fired sauna stove should be larger (10 to 15 cm in diameter) than those used in electric sauna heaters. Stones that are too small prevent the air from circulating properly and do not become hot enough.
  Can I reduce the safety distance from my wood-fired stove to combustible surfaces?

In some cases it is possible to reduce the distance by installing metal sheets or fibre cement boards with an air space behind. The installation manual for each model provides instructions on how to do this and states the required safety distances.

  What are the ventilation requirements for a wood-fired sauna stove?

In a woodburning sauna  you want as much fresh air coming in and out of the sauna, while retainin the heat. The incoming air is vital so the wood can burn efficiently. And the flow of oxygen from the in-vent to the exit vent is essential for bathers' health and sauna enjoyment. 

  How do I replace broken glass on my wood burning heater?
Please contact your nearest Helo dealer, ideally where you purchased your heater. It is important to provide them with the name and number of your heater so they know which glass or door to order for your particular model.

Infrared saunas

  How hot does it get in a Helo infrared sauna?

Temperature varies depending on the size of the room and the ambient temperature. A good target temperature for infrared sauna bathing is between 120-140° F.

With that being said, a high temperature inside an infrared cabin should not be your goal; instead, you want to ensure the emitters remain active because that is when the infrared energy is being release, providing the benefit of the infrared heat. 

  Can I have an infrared sauna made-to-measure?

You can install a custom-cut infrared or InfraSauna in your space; custom free-standing versions are not available.

Read more on our infrared sauna page, or connect with a local dealer to find the best solution for your needs.