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Heat from within

Line your sauna walls with infrared heating panels and bring home the deep, healing heat waves. 

The right infrared sauna for you

Helo Custom Infrared Sauna

Custom infrared sauna

Custom design an infrared sauna to be installed in your home, to fit your exact room specifications, up to 420 cubic feet. In additional to the complete sauna interior, a set of infrared heating panels will be custom curated to cover your sauna walls.
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Helo Custom InfraSauna

Custom InfraSauna

Bring infrared heat together with traditional sauna heat and you're ready to custom build an InfraSauna. This combination gives you the option to choose your heat preference based on how you are feeling each time you sauna. 
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What is infrared?

Unlike traditional sauna heat that fills a room, infrared heat works via wavelengths to directly penetrate the body. So while the sauna room is cooler (~110°), your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat. 

In an infrared sauna there are few key notions to be aware of in order to maximize your bathing benefits:

  1. Proximity to the infrared heating panels (often called emitters) matters. The closer you are, the better.
  2. It's essential for the emitters to be 'on' for you to benefit from the infrared energy; so your goal shouldn't be to reach a set temperature (that's when the emitters will turn off). Rather, sit in your infrared sauna while the room temperature gradually rises and soak in the infrared energy. 
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What is an infrared sauna?
Custom InfraSauna Package
Custom Sauna Packages

What's included

Helo provides the parts, pieces, and components, custom-cut to your exact specifications. A custom infrared sauna or InfraSauna arrives ready to install as a complete kit, including:

  • Sauna interior: benches, Cedar or Hemlock wall and ceiling panels, trim, RGBW (color) puck lights, vent valves, vent grills, hardware
  • Windows and door, including framing, trim, and hardware
  • Infrared heating panels, each framed in clear Canadian Hemlock
  • Foil vapor barrier
  • SL2-IS control
  • Add for InfraSaunas: Designer-SL2 heater, rocks, heater guard, bucket & ladle

Optional upgrades include an audio soundbar that syncs with the SL2-IS control, upper bench skirts, door design options, alternative wood option, and more.

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The Process

Designing your custom IR sauna

Working with a Helo dealer, design your personal home sauna to fit your home specs, design aesthetic, and sauna bathing preferences. Your dealer is key in a full-service, seamless experience; they will help guide your sauna design, order the complete kit to meet exact specifications, and complete the installation. So whether you prefer infrared only, or choose to add a heater for an InfraSauna, a Helo dealer will help you navigate measurements, electrical needs, and design details to bring your custom sauna to life.
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Custom Sauna Design

Custom infrared sauna & InfraSauna features

Cedar Sauna Interior

Wood selection

Western Red Cedar is Helo's standard sauna interior (ceiling and walls), but Hemlock is another available option. 

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Helo Sauna Door Options

Door options

Multiple door designs and finishes are available as options for custom infrared saunas. Bronze-tinted all-glass door is standard.
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SaunaLogic2 Control for InfraSaunas

SL2-IS control

For both infrared saunas and InfraSaunas, the SL2-IS, with optional mobile app, gives you full control of your sauna.

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Custom InfraSauna with Designer-SL2 Heater

Heaters, InfraSaunas only

Add an appropriately sized sauna heater to expand your custom infrared saunas' capabilities. Get the best of both worlds.

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