Wood burning heaters

Follow your fire

For the most traditional Finnish sauna experience, consider a wood burning stove. Experience sauna in it's original form. 

Experience perfect tradition

Wood burning sauna stoves offer something special. They bring you into the heart of sauna, providing the same experience the Finnish have treasured and celebrated for thousands of years.

Kastor Oy, today called Kastor (a Sauna360 brand), was founded in the winter of 1916. It is the oldest sauna brand in Finland. Helo is proud to offer this quality and unique sauna experience with a curated selection of Kastor's renowned wood burning heaters. 

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Wood burning sauna heater

Kastor wood burning sauna heaters

Karhu 20 Wood burning sauna heater

Karhu 20

Relax in peaceful warmth while watching the flames dance through a small window on the front of the heater. For sauna rooms between 282-702 cubic feet. 

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Saga wood burning sauna heater


A mesmerizing sauna centerpiece, the Saga is a beautiful wood burning heater with an abundance of exposed rocks for an unparalleled heat and steam experience. For saunas between 423-777 cubic feet.

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Fuel your fire

Harness the power of nature

Put nature's tools to work to power your heat bath. Rediscover the beauty of self-reliance, operating without electric service and sourcing your own fuel. The effort of chopping wood and stoking the fire is repaid 10x in the relaxation and satisfaction you'll find in the sauna time and time again.

Through engineering expertise, we've made sure these sauna heaters maximize your effort, getting the most heat from the least amount of wood. Kastor sauna stoves are clean, elegant, and beautiful, perfect for your off-the-grid retreat or return-to-tradition sauna.

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