Custom, Permanently Installed In-Home Infrared Sauna

Transform an empty, underutilized, or pre-planned sauna space in your home into an Infared sauna. Easily bring this powerful infrared heat home for easy and frequent enjoyment with Helo custom, permanently installed sauna solutions. The process starts with you designing your sauna, selecting wood, lighting, bench configuration, and much more. Using your selections and room specifications, we custom cut, build, and order all sauna components and package them in a ready-to-install kit. This custom-sauna kit is perfectly designed and built to fit in your home, which can be installed and set up by a Helo dealer (recommended) or even some general contractors or experienced construction DIYers.

Included in Ready-to-Install Custom Infrared Sauna Kit:
- Tongue-and-Groove Wood Panels for Interior Walls & Ceiling + Interior Trim
- Pre-built & Assembled Benches and Flooring (Duckboard / Mat)
- Pre-Hung Door
- Infrared Panel System
- Lighting System
- Foil Vapor Barrier

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