Custom Commercial Saunas

A custom, permanently installed sauna is a powerful addition to shared and community spaces - health clubs, spas, apartment buildings, sports and training facilities, hotels, and more. Increase the value of your offering by adding a beautifully designed custom sauna - traditional, infrared, or a combination InfraSauna - that provides proven health and wellness benefits for your guests. Helo dealers are trained to support your custom commercial sauna design and installation, meeting ADA requirements if required.

Helo provides all sauna essentials for your specific dimensions and layouts, including:
- Tongue-and-Groove Wood Panels for Interior Walls & Ceiling + Interior Trim
- Pre-built & Assembled Benches, Bench Skirts and Flooring (Duckboard / Mat)
- Pre-Hung Door
- Heating System (heater and/or infrared panels)
- Lighting System
- Foil Vapor Barrier

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