Sauna Improves Home Life with Spa-Like Experience


An active California couple added an Helo sauna to their home (and now are wondering why they did not add it sooner!) As they spend a lot of time on the ski trails, one of their favorite sauna benefits is the convenience of being able to turn on their sauna from their mobile app on the trails. Once they return home, their sauna is ready for them to enjoy a relaxing heat bathing experience. Read the full testimonial below about their home sauna that is the ultimate in comfort and accessibility to a spa-like experience.

  1. What motivated you to get a sauna?
    My wife and I have always enjoyed saunas, especially after a hard day on the slopes or after a workout. However, it was hard to motivate myself to go to the gym or clubhouse after getting home from skiing, or a walk in the snow, etc. We wanted to have the convenience and comfort to do it at home. Getting a sauna at home was the reason why we ended up remodeling most of our house. We wanted to fit a sauna in, and things evolved into a larger project, but the sauna was what started it all.

  2. Where did you start your sauna search?
    We knew of several suppliers purely based on the saunas we had visited at other homes or clubs. However, it was our architect who looked for in-home “kits” and chose Helo.

  3. How did you come up with your sauna plan? 
    We outlined our requirements to the architect. We took into consideration the location of the house. We wanted the sauna to have a view, access to the outside, size, etc. Then our architect collaborated with a Helo representative to determine the most optimal layout, dimensions and equipment.

  4. Briefly describe the key features of your sauna.
    There are many things that I love about our sauna. It heats quickly, we can control the color and brightness of the lights, it has a receptacle for essential oils. However, one of the things I love the most is that it can be turned on and controlled from my phone. We usually turn it on, including the lights, from the road or trail so it's ready for us by the time we get home.

  5. How do you use your sauna? 
    Usually my wife and I go in the sauna at the end of the day, sometimes before dinner, sometimes after being in the hot tub for a little bit. What is important is that it feels cozy, relaxing, and comfortable. With the benches being at different heights it allows us to sit at slightly different temperatures that we like. We set the room temperature to a precise number, but I like to sit at the higher and slightly warmer bench while my wife sits on the lower one. We can stay there talking and connecting for a while.

  6. What has it meant to you and/or your family to have a sauna in your home?
    It means the ultimate in comfort and accessibility to a spa-like experience in our home. We certainly sauna more often than if we didn’t have it there. Which also means we get added health benefits.

  7. How did you find out that sauna bathing is good for you?
    We have always liked the experience and were under the impression that sweating and being at higher temperatures is good for both body and mind.

  8. Did your sauna turn out the way you had expected? What were your thoughts about design and materials?
    Yes, we love it. The materials are definitely high-end and durable. We also have accessories like the bucket and ladle, pillows, towels, and back rests. All of these make a big difference in the enjoyment of the sauna.

  9. Would you recommend Helo?
    I would 100% recommend Helo. They have been responsive to my requests, provided guidance and paid attention to make sure I am happy and enjoying the sauna.

  10. Is there anything else you would like to comment on or say about the product or business?
    We are very happy and just wish we did this sooner!

Sauna Details:

  • Sauna Model: Custom-Cut Traditional Sauna with Western Red Cedar
  • Sauna Size: 100" x 53" x 84"
  • Sauna Door: All-glass clear door. Onyx 2/3 glass front.
  • Heater: black Himalaya rock tower heater (discontinued)
  • Control: SaunaLogic2 with mobile app
  • Lighting: Ceiling puck lights; includes a dimmer (discontinued)
  • Extras: Rento sauna accessories including seat covers, sauna pillows, bucket & ladle.