Infrared Sauna Adds Wellness to Home Life


As Patrick & Pam were building their “Aging in Place Home”, they knew they wanted to include a sauna because of all the health benefits of heat bathing. They chose an Infrared sauna for their home wellness retreat. Below includes their sauna story.

  1. What motivated you to get a sauna for your home? What has it meant to you and/or your family to have a sauna in your home?
    Health reasons, as we get older we have noticed our joints are sore. Not only has it helped with joint pain but it is our time together without any outside interruptions.

  2. Briefly describe the key features of your sauna.
    We love the infrared heat. It does not get as hot as the traditional saunas. Being able to sync up music is great!

  3. How do you use your sauna? When do you typically go into the sauna? What is important in the sauna to you?
    We turn the sauna on about 10 minutes before we get in to start warming it up. We usually use it late evening. It is very relaxing and helps us both sleep better.

  4. What do you like the most about your sauna?
    Relaxing, warm, and very comfortable.

  5. How did you find out that sauna bathing is good for you?
    I have done a lot of reading on the health benefits of sauna. As my husband and I were building our “Aging in Place Home” we knew that a sauna was a feature we wanted and needed.

  6. Did your sauna turn out the way you had expected? What were your thoughts about design and materials?
    Better than expected! It went together extremely well. My husband and myself have been in the building industry most of our lives, and we were both impressed with how well it was built! We were a little concerned about the heat in our bedroom, but the door seals extremely well.