Home Sauna Provides Clean & Safe Place to Relax

Home Sauna

A couple who'd had the privilege of working and living in Finland and Sweden became passionate about the benefits of sauna bathing. The couple has since moved several times and upon returning to the United States, they made sure to add a sauna and steam bath to their home. The couple shares below about their most recent Helo sauna they added to their home.

  1. How did you come up with your sauna plan? 
    Most of our saunas and steam rooms have been custom built. Altogether, we have built five sauna rooms and two steam rooms. Each time Sauna360 assisted; Helo with our saunas and Amerec with our steam rooms. If you have the space and a modicum of building skills, the best solution is a custom-built room

  2. Briefly describe the key features of your sauna.
    Beautiful, clean and functional. Having our own private sauna and steam room allows us to know the cleanliness of the room and allows us to use it when we wish. This past year of the COVID19 pandemic created even more of a sense of ease when we could use our personal sauna and feel comfortable that it was a safe, clean place to relax.

  3. What is important in the sauna to you?
    The sauna is a place of peace and serenity. We like low light, soft music, and the relaxation provided from the heated air flowing over our bodies, opening our pores and relaxing our senses.

  4. How did you find out that sauna bathing is good for you?
    We lived in Northern Europe…it has been proven over time.

  5. Did your sauna turn out the way you had expected? 
    Even better!

  6. Is there anything else you would like to comment on or say about the product or business?
    The Helo team has always been great to work with and we’ve always ended up with a completed project that we are pleased with.
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Sauna Details:

  • Type: Custom-Cut, Traditional Sauna
  • Door: All-Glass Standard Door
  • Heater: black Himalaya rock tower heater (discontinued)
  • Control: Elite Touchscreen Control with mobile app 
  • Interior design: 3-bar backrest, bench skirts
  • Accessories: Bucket and ladle, 7” thermometer/hygrometer, curved backrest