The Havanna electric heater is a real pioneer of electric heaters. The Havanna heater combines versatile features, a modern look and always reliable, Finnish Helo quality. The stone spaces of the Havanna heater has adjustable stone level for three levels: 20, 28 or 35 kg of stone. This innovative feature ensures heat pleasure, tailored to your taste. The smaller amount of stones guarantees the rapid warming of the sauna room and by increasing the amount of stones, you can get soft and enjoyable steams. The Havanna heater also has a stylish steam controller that directs heat directly and quickly over a wide area.

Every Havanna electric heater is CE-marked and offers efficiently warm and soft steam for 3 up to 13 cubic meter sauna rooms.

This stove is suitable for many needs and changing situations. Guaranteed Finnish Helo quality with more than 100 years of experience

• Available colours: Black
• Havanna STS -model has integrated controls. built-in thermostat and timer, with 8 + 4 h timing.
• Havanna STS-WT model has the same integrated controls that STS -model has. In addition, there is a water tank in the middle of heater resistors that holds water and works as a passive evaporator that creates even more humid air to the sauna room. STS-WT also enables the possibility to hop in and enjoy in just 55-60°C sauna temperature, because more humid air in sauna feels a lot warmer on skin. In addition, it is easier to breathe in more humid air. It is possible to use milk-based fragrances with STS-WT.
• Havanna D -model requires a separately purchased combination of WE relay box + Pure / Elite Free control panel.

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