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Steam generators

Helo steam generators are available with different power outputs for different applications. Highly automated functionality adds extra layers of comfort and convenience.

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Control panels

Set you temperature and moisture with a smart control panel. The Pure stands for simplicity and functionality. The Elite Free can be connected to local wi-fi and can have multiple user profiles.

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Steam accessories

Make your steam into a fragrance therapy room with invigorating eucalyptus and our fragrance pump.

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All steam products

A steam experience is tomorrow's place for relaxation and well-being. With speed steam, cloud connectivity and a modern design, Helo Steam Products are made to fit into your modern life!

Enjoy the sensation of total relaxation that a steam bath provides.

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Energy effective

Engineered for minimal use of electicity and water but provide maximum enjoyment.

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Cloud Connectivity

Set your prefered temperature and moisture with Elite control panel, convenient remote control via Wifi.

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Health benefits

 A steam bath cleanses and moisturises the skin,
rejuvenates tired muscles and relaxes the mind.

5 steam benefits