The Havanna electric heater is a real pioneer of electric heaters. The Havanna heater combines versatile features, a modern look and always reliable, Finnish Helo quality. The stone spaces of the Havanna heater have adjustable stone level for three levels: 20, 28 or 35 kg of stone. This innovative feature ensures heat pleasure, tailored to your taste. The smaller amount of stones guarantees the rapid warming of the sauna room and by increasing the amount of stones, you can get soft and enjoyable steams. This heater has cost- and energy-efficient Helo-WT technology. The Havanna heater also has a stylish steam controller that directs heat directly and quickly over a wide area. The Havanna 90 STS Helo-WT model is 9,0 kW and it has a built-in thermostat and timer, with 8 + 4 h timing. The Helo Havanna stove takes your everyday sauna experience to a new level.• Efficient steam baths for 9-13 cubic meter sauna rooms.• Handedness interchangeable. • Can be mounted on the wall or floor. Floor installation possible using the optional floor kit.• Stylish jet-black color.• A convenient garbage collector is available as an accessory for the heater base.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Colour Weight (kg) Amount of stones (kg)
BLACK 15.56 20-35
Effect (kW) Measurements (WxHxD) Sauna size (m3)
9,0 495x580x300 9-13
Safety distance, back Safety distance, up Safety distance, side Safety distance, front
0 1100 80 150


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