Our best sauna tips for beginners

  1. Sauna is healthy! People of all ages can safely enjoy sauna and the health benefits of heat. It’s really just newborn babies and people with severe conditions such as wounds or heart problems that should avoid sauna bathing.

  2. Sauna induces heavy sweating, so make sure you drink enough! Water is the most healthy option, and you should drink both before, during and after your sauna session.

  3. A ‘vasta’ or ‘vihta’ is a bundle of fresh (sometimes dried) birch twigs used for gently whipping your skin. This is great for stimulating blood flow, and leaves your skin soft and supple. The scent from the birch leaves is fantastic!

  4. Don’t eat right before your sauna session! At least not to much. Just like you wouldn’t have a full meal before exercising, you want to avoid it before your sauna.

  5. Move around to find the level of heat that suits you best. Hot air is lighter and will rise, which is why the area just below the ceiling is the hottest space in the sauna. By alternating between the lower and higher benches, you can customise your experience.

  6. If there are sauna stones in the sauna, you can pour water onto them to raise the humidity. This practice is typical for Finnish sauna and is called Löyly.

  7. Remember to cool off as well! A cold shower, a dip in the sea or a quick roll in the snow will give you an amazing rush of “happy hormones”, and then you can go back into the sauna for another round.

  8. Did you know you can combine your sauna bath with soothing aromatherapy? Adding essential oils to your sauna is a great way of enhancing your sauna experience.

  9. Sauna is great for your complexion. The heat opens up the pores, and the sweating flushes out toxins. Make the most of this by scrubbing your skin for exfoliation after your sauna, and then applying moisturising lotion.