The magic of the midsummer sauna and celebrating midsummer

The magic of the midsummer sauna and celebrating midsummer

The celebration of midsummer is one of the most beloved and eagerly awaited holidays in Finland. It is a time when people gather to celebrate light, nature, and traditions. One of the central rituals is the midsummer sauna, deeply rooted in Finnish culture. Let’s dive into the magic of the midsummer sauna and the celebration! 

Traditions of the midsummer sauna 

The midsummer sauna is much more than just a sauna session. It is a ritual filled with symbolism and tradition. Bathing in the sauna during midsummer cleanses the body and mind, preparing for the celebration. In the sauna, stories are told, old songs are sung, and past moments are reminisced with friends or family. Relaxing in the sauna’s steam is a wonderful way to start the midsummer festivities with your loved ones. 

Traditionally, birch whisks, known in Finnish as vasta or vihta, are gathered for the midsummer sauna. The greenness and scent of the birch bring nature close and enhance the health benefits of the sauna. Whisking improves circulation and is an essential part of the cleansing effect of the midsummer sauna. 

The magic of the midsummer bonfire 

After the sauna, the celebration often continues outdoors by the midsummer bonfire. The bonfire, a large fire, is a traditional way to celebrate midsummer. It symbolizes light and warmth, and people gather around it to sing, dance, and enjoy the light of the summer night. Lighting the bonfire has roots in ancient beliefs, where fire was thought to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune for the coming year. 

Spells and beliefs 

Midsummer is also associated with many spells and beliefs that add a touch of mystique to the celebration. One of the most well-known midsummer spells involves collecting seven flowers and placing them under your pillow on midsummer night. According to tradition, you might see your future spouse in your dreams. Others perform spells in the sauna, look for omens of the future, or try various good luck charms. 

In the heart of nature 

Celebrating midsummer is strongly connected to nature. The lightness of the summer night, the sparkle of the lakes, and the green forests create the perfect setting for the midsummer celebration. Many people head to cottages or nature during midsummer, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The peace and beauty of nature make midsummer a particularly magical experience. 

Enjoy the midsummer celebration and remember to drink water to stay hydrated during the sauna bath and the midsummer warmth!