Wood burning heater Kastor Saga provides wave after wave of the softest, most comfortable heat. Its forged steel bars are made to last for years of flawless performance.Kastor Saga has impressive heat storage properties and it is a CE-marked stove. Kastor Saga 22 offers efficient steam for 12-22 cubic meter sauna rooms.The inside diameter of the flue is 115 mm. A chimney basket and protective base are available as an accessory.The rugged style of Kastor Saga makes it an eye-catcher and a centerpiece for your sauna interior.The Saga heater guarantees the perfect atmosphere for your sauna – it is the brand of Finland's oldest sauna industry leader after all.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Colour Weight (kg) Amount of stones (kg)
dark grey 84.0 120 - 130
Effect (kW) Measurements (WxHxD) Sauna size (m3)
16 600x825x585 12-22
Safety distance, back Safety distance, up Safety distance, side Safety distance, front
250 1400 250 500


Saga 22 & 30 - Installation manual and user guide
Kastor protective base - Installation manual and user guide
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