The Roxx is modern design electric heater with a large stone space that offers a pleasant sauna bath for whole group. The Roxx electric heater is installed on the floor, and it can be integrated to sauna benches.

Roxx WT-models are WT-equipped. WT means there is a water tank in the middle of heater resistors that holds water and works as a passive evaporator that creates even more humid air to the sauna room. WT also enables the possibility to hop in and enjoy in just 55-60°C sauna temperature, because more humid air in sauna feels a lot warmer on skin. In addition, it is easier to breathe in more humid air. It is possible to use milk-based fragrances with WT.

Roxx electric heater has 38kg of stones that offers gentle sauna bath.

In the heat of the Roxx heater, you can feel the safe and professional Finnish handprint. Always choose the most reliable, Finnish Helo.

Every Roxx electric heater is CE-marked and offers efficiently warm and soft steam for 5 up to 13 cubic meter sauna rooms.

• Available colours: Black
• Roxx Pure/Elite models have the Pure or Elite control panel included.

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