Rondo is a round-shaped "ready-to-use" heater that reserves heat effectively. The patented lid turns 360 degrees, so you can use completely new possibilities in designing the interior of the sauna. Rondo electric stoves have a massive 100 kg stone space that offers gentle and moist sauna baths.

The heat-reserving Rondo heater produces even and efficient heat. The design of the heater also maximizes the comfort of usage. The optimized insulation shell effectively retains heat, so you can enjoy saunas without preheating. The surface of the heater stays relatively cool, so the heater can be placed anywhere in the sauna, with a minimal protective distance.

You won't find a heater with 360° rotating lid anywhere else. The lid is easy to open, and you can throw the water from any direction you want.
Very good insulation keeps the heat efficiently. With the effective heat insulation + keeping the small and efficient maintenance power on, you can enjoy sauna on the spur of the moment, without preheating.

The Rondo heater includes an automated control unit that can be attached to the wall

All Rondo electric heaters are CE-marked, and in the collection, you will find a heater solution suitable for 7-18 m³ sauna rooms.

• Most energy-efficient choice for active sauna enthusiasts
• Available colours: Graphite
• RA 19 control unit included
• Very effectively heat-insulating shell, which ensures that the steam and heat stay in the sauna for a long time. Thanks to the thermal insulation and humming heat, the stove is ready for use as soon as the heating starts and does not need to be preheated.

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