The Rocher electric stove is the result of marvellous design that is a sight for sore eyes and 100 kg of stones offers a pleasant sauna bath for whole group. The Rocher electric stove installed on the floor, and it can be integrated to sauna benches.

Rocher electric heater has 100kg of stones that offers gentle sauna bath.

In the heat of the Rocher heater, you can feel the safe and professional Finnish handprint. Always choose the most reliable, Finnish Helo.

Every Rocher electric heater is CE-marked and offers efficiently warm and soft steam for 5 up to 15 cubic meter sauna rooms.

• Available colours: Chrome
• Rocher Pure/Elite models have the Pure or Elite control panel included.
• Rocher D -model does NOT include control panel or contactor. Rocher D -electric heaters are designed to be controlled by contactor. We do not offer Helo contactor boxes or control panels to these models. Sauna360 does not take product responsibility and does not give a warranty for Rocher D-model heaters, which are offered without the manufacturer's own contactor box and control panels
• Stylish integration collars are available as additional accessories

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