The Ringo electric heater is designed for Finnish family saunas. 70 kg of sauna stones and beautiful pillar-like design provides heat efficiently.

Ringo WT-models are WT-equipped. WT means there is a water tank in the middle of heater resistors that holds water and works as a passive evaporator that creates even more humid air to the sauna room. WT also enables the possibility to hop in and enjoy in just 55-60°C sauna temperature, because more humid air in sauna feels a lot warmer on skin. In addition, it is easier to breathe in more humid air. It is possible to use milk-based fragrances with WT.

Every Ringo electric heater is CE-marked and offers efficiently warm and soft steam for 5 up to 13 cubic meter sauna rooms.

This heater is suitable for many needs and changing situations. Guaranteed Finnish Helo quality with more than 100 years of experience

• Available colours: Black
• Ringo STJ -model has integrated thermostat and timer
• Ringo STJ HELO-WT model has integrated thermostat and timer. In addition, there is a Helo-WT water tank integrated.

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