The free-standing, sturdy Laava heater has been setting the industry standard for over 25 years. Thanks to its efficiency, it is the perfect choice to large sauna rooms and institutional saunas. The large stone space of the Laava heater can hold up to 60 kg of stones.

Top quality design and technology guarantee a long-lasting, classic-looking heater. If you demand durability and efficiency from your stove even in demanding conditions, choose Helo Laava. The Laava electric heater is operated with a separate combination of WE40 relay box and Pure/Elite Free controller. Pure / Elite Free + WE40 is not included in the price.

Every Laava electric heater is CE-marked and offers efficiently warm and soft steam for 8 up to 24 cubic meter sauna rooms.

This heater is suitable for many needs and changing situations. Guaranteed Finnish Helo quality with more than 100 years of experience

• Available colours: Graphite grey
• Cost-effective energy use without compromising on steam quality.
• High-quality design ensures trouble-free operation and easy maintenance.
• Your investment pays for itself by adding value to your facilities and ensuring customer satisfaction.
• Helo-WT technology is available as an accessory.

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