Kastor Saga T

Kastor Saga T -heater: A fireplace heater also known as a tunnel heater, is a combination of a wood heater and a fireplace, where the heater is in the sauna and the fireplace door on the other side of the wall. So, you can first enjoy the steam on the sauna side and continue the atmosphere by the fireplace in the fireplace room, dressing room or living room. The fireplace located outside the sauna also heats the spaces outside the sauna and keeps the sauna clean when the debris coming from the firewood does not end up on the sauna floor.

The wood burning heater Kastor Saga T and its praiseworthy stone amount of 140/190kg provides wave after wave the softest, most comfortable heat while reserving heat effectively.

Every Kastor Saga T heater is CE-marked and offers efficiently warm and soft steam for 12 up to 30 cubic meter sauna rooms. The inside diameter of the flue is 115mm. Saga T does not include the front frame, a stone basket or a protective base. They are available purchase as an accessory.

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