Kastor Karhu V

The wood burning Kastor Karhu V -model heaters have integrated water tank that is located at the right, left or front of the heater. Kastor Karhu V -heaters have suitable models for 12-40 cubic meter sauna rooms.

The stylish lines and chrome front panel of the wood burning heater Kastor Karhu are suitable for all sauna interiors. Intelligent solutions produce maximum heating power with as little wood as possible and have impressive heat storage properties. Kastor Karhu is a CE-marked stove.

All Kastor Karhu heaters have adjustable legs, and the inside diameter of the flue is 115 mm. A protective wall and a protective base are available as accessories. What could be more relaxing than watching the blaze of flames in the warmth of the atmospheric Kastor Karhu?

Kastor Karhu V -heaters can be easily identified from these abbreviations:
-VV: Water tank located at the left side
-VO: Water tank located at the right side

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