Prepare Your Outdoor Sauna for Summer: Cleaning Guide

Is your outdoor sauna ready for summer - Read these tips for sauna cleaning

Summer is approaching and the traces of winter have vanished, it's time to also turn our attention towards the outdoor sauna. The outdoor sauna is a place where many of us seek peace and relaxation, and the arrival of summer provides an excellent reason to refresh sauna rituals and cleanse the sauna to freshness again. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your outdoor sauna for summer.

Start by emptying the sauna space.

Before diving into action with cleaning tools, clear the sauna of all unnecessary items. Remove towels, seat cushions, and other accessories from sauna.

Clean the benches, walls, and floors.

Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the largest loose dust and debris from the benches, walls, and floor. Then, moisten the benches with warm water to open up the wood grains. You can moisten the benches, for example, using a ladle if running water is not available.

Next, wash the benches with water mixed with general-purpose cleaner or sauna cleaner and a soft brush or scrubbing brush. When washing the wood, brush along the grain of the wood. After washing, rinse the benches thoroughly to remove the detergent. Rinse the benches once again with cold water to close the wood grains.
If you wish, you can wash the sauna walls using the same method.

Finally, turn on the sauna to let the benches and walls dry.

Fresh the air in the sauna.

It's also a good idea to check the sauna ventilation and ensure that the air can circulate properly. Clean the ventilation openings and check that the ventilation windows and hatches are operational.

Almost ready, add some details!

Once the cleaning is done, you can add some details to the sauna, such as new towels and seat cushions, to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Relax and enjoy!

Last but not least, remember the most important part of the sauna experience – relaxation and enjoyment. The cleaned sauna awaits you ready to offer a moment of peace and well-being during nature.

Cleaning the sauna is not just a task, but also an opportunity to restore the sauna to its original glory and refresh your mind and body. So, grab your cleaning tools, let your cottage sauna bask in the light of the upcoming summer, and get ready to enjoy sauna rituals once again!