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The modern Piccolo electric heater has a trendy design. Piccolo heater is small and therefore a very handy choice for compact sauna rooms. Thanks to its small size, it saves valuable space from the sauna room, but brings even more awesome steam.

The Piccolo 30 Pure Helo-WT heater has a large stone space for its size and serves efficient steam for 2-4 cubic meter sauna rooms. It has an efficiency of 3 kW. The Piccolo heater can be installed both on the floor and on the wall, which allows the sauna to have several different floor solutions. Can also be mounted at corner, by removing and turning the wall brackets.

Includes Pure controller and HELO-WT technology. WT means there is a water tank in the middle of heater resistors that holds water and works as a passive evaporator that creates even more humid air to the sauna room. WT also enables the possibility to hop in and enjoy in just 55-60°C sauna temperature, because more humid air in sauna feels a lot warmer on skin. In addition, it is easier to breathe in more humid air. It is possible to use milk-based fragrances with WT.

The Piccolo heater is controlled by a Pure controller, and it is included in the price.

Guaranteed Finnish Helo quality with more than 100 years of experience

• Available colours: Black
• Piccolo Pure HELO-WT model includes the Pure controller. In addition, there is a Helo-WT water tank integrated.
• Beautiful pilar-like design
• 3,0kW
• Perfect fit for 2 to 4 cubic meter sauna rooms
• A protective metal mesh grille on top of the heater is available as an accessory.

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