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Himalaya 105 ELITE Helo-WT

The Himalaya conceals a water container featuring ingenious Helo-WT technology, which humidifies the sauna room while the heater is warming the room. Impressive 100 kilograms of rocks and attractive 103 cm high Himalaya heater comes in matte black or chrome. The Himalaya can be installed floor standing in a corner or against a wall or mounted to the sauna benches using a steel or glass collar. The steel collar is available in chrome or black to match the color of the heater. Control panel Elite is included.

• Helo-WT Technology for a multitude of sauna therapies in one beautiful solution
• A solid 100 kilos of sauna stones to boost true sauna feel
• Available in color black or chrome

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Colour Weight (kg)
Effect (kW) Measurements (WxHxD)
10,5 330x1030x330


Himalaya Elite Installation user guide
Helo WT installation_user guide
Himalaya Heater Guard Manual
Warranty policy