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Hard foam cabins

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect home spa centre.

Perhaps a unique steam cabin with a tunnel or dome roof. A creative bench layout and personal, one-of-a-kind colour styling. Why not go even further, adding infrared cabins, showers, whirlpool or sauna…

Now open your eyes and let your interior designer out—with hard foam steam cabins from Helo. Modern or classic styling, in almost any conceivable form, size or layout, hard foam steam cabins from Helo make it easy to bring your own dream spa ideas to life.

Lightweight, top quality hard foam steam cabins are easy to plan for, purchase and install. Whatever your preference and home decor, you can always find a solution that will fight right in.


The Features

Easy cleaning

Steam resistant walls and fixtures ensure easy cleaning and many years of problem-free enjoyment.


Special slip-proof surface is an ideal base for tiles and plaster in your choice of colour and style

Extremely stable

Innovative impact-resistant foam shell is light yet extremely stable


100% waterproof

Maximum comfort

Special insulating properties trap heat and humidity for maximum comfort.

Images Hard foam cabins

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