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The Midi connects with low voltage and can be surface mounted inside or outside the steam room

It has a built-in temperature sensor to be used when Midi is installed inside the steam room. It’s also possible to connect an external temperature sensor if the Midi is installed outside the steam room.

Display can be programmed up to 4 hours operating time and for temperatures in the range of 25-50 °C. There’s also a two-step temperature control for even steam feed. The automatic cleaning program (requires auto clean valve) empties and flushes the tank 15 minutes after the steam generator has been stopped. Finally there are alarm functions for possible causes of malfunction.

- For HNS M2 steam generators
- Size 180x55x8 mm
- Connection cable 5 m

- Optional: temperature sensor, 5 m cable.


Fitting steam generator M2


The generator automatically prevents overheating and dry running, should there be an interruption to the water supply, protecting your investment. These generators also save operational time and effort with an automated filling function as standard and optional flushing and emptying functions – a real benefit in regions where main water contains a lot of calcium helping you prevent the chalky deposits that eventually effect performance. If you prefer, you can also control the drainage tap manually.


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