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Helo R20 VO and VV

Helo R20 V heater allows continuous heating, is CE-marked, and is equipped with a stylish furnace door of glass.

Helo R20 V woodburning heater is suitable for 8-20 msauna and it holds 35-40 kg of stones. Flue opening is 115 mm. 

Helo R20 V woodburning heater has a water tank for 25 liters. Helo R20 V heaters are available with a choice of water tanks either on the left or right side of the stove. 

Safety distances of the heater are 500 mm to the front, 400 mm to the sides and behind and 1300 mm upwards. On the side of the water tank safety distance is only 150 mm. More specific installation information you can find from the instructions manual. 

We also provide a comprehensive selection of chimneys, pipes, protective panels and a full range of accessories for safe and easy installation of your Helo heater.