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As the name implies, Helo Easy is easy to use and install.

Helo Easy is the latest innovation in sauna control units. The fixed heating time is max. 6 hours with 5-step "+” and "-” temperature adjustment. Helo Easy can be flush or surface mounted outside the sauna room and can be used with a low voltage connection for sauna heaters such as Cava and Pikkutonttu.

Size 70x70x30 mm (wxhxd), delivery includes 3 different frames.


The Features

Easy to use and to install

As the name implies, Easy is both easy to install and use. You can assemble it vertically on the wall or place it in the included standard installation box.

Multi usage

Easy offers a range of functions to control your entire sauna room. It shows the actual temperature level of the sauna room. The control must be operated outside the sauna room.

Fitting electric heaters Easy


Helo Cava combines exclusive materials with modern design, and offers an excellent bathing atmosphere. Together with sauna stones (ca. 30 kgs) , the heat restoring soap stone surfaces give unforgettable smooth, moist sauna bath. The stylish graphite-grey stove can be installed on the floor or integrated into the benches using a soapstone fitting collar. The Cava DE model is controlled by a Midi or Digi II controller. For Cava DET, controller options are T1 and EC 50.



Helo Pikkutonttu, designed by renowned Finnish designer, Ristomatti Ratia, is an electric stove that harmoniously combines form and function. The super-insulated shell keeps heating-up time similar to a traditional stove, and the substantial stone mass (80 kgs) provides luxurious soft heat and steam. The low surface temperature of the Helo Pikkutonttu makes it safe to use and the small safety distances give new possibilities for designing sauna interiors.



Helo Roxx unites modern industrial design with a large amount of natural stone. This impressive brushed steel design stove produces enjoyable soft steam. Heat is stored efficiently in the stones, making Helo Roxx a favourite for sauna lovers. When water is poured onto the nearly 40 kg of stones, it produces pleasant and smoothly soft steam.



All of 100 kg of sauna stones are held in a steel brazier. The secret behind this top-quality stove's soft and relaxing heat is in full-length heating elements that heat up even the topmost stones on the stove. The heat radiates evenly and quickly in every direction. The beautifully designed brazier ensures that the eye-catching collection of natural stones is a real centre piece in the sauna.

You can give free rein to your interior design plans as Rocher can be installed in a corner or on the floor near a wall, or in the middle of the sauna sunk into the benches, using a glass or soapstone collar also suitable for underlighting.

The Rocher DE model is controlled by a Midi or Digi II controller. For Rocher DET, controller options are T1 and EC 50.


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