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The EC50 control panel makes it simple and economical to have complete control of your sauna. The panel blends discretely and elegantly into your bathroom with its clean and essential design. It has an easy-to-read display for convenient control of the start- up time, temperature and lighting. The panel can be set for 0-3 hours of heating time. You can also set a countdown between 0-10 hours for the heater to start. 

The panel incorporates a child- proof code lock to prevent accidental operation. The EC50 with its practical features is a smart choice for anyone who wants precise control of their sauna – at an affordable price.


Fitting electric heaters EC50


Helo Roxx unites modern industrial design with a large amount of natural stone. This impressive brushed steel design stove produces enjoyable soft steam. Heat is stored efficiently in the stones, making Helo Roxx a favourite for sauna lovers. When water is poured onto the nearly 40 kg of stones, it produces pleasant and smoothly soft steam.



Helo Cava combines exclusive materials with modern design, and offers an excellent bathing atmosphere. Together with sauna stones (ca. 30 kgs) , the heat restoring soap stone surfaces give unforgettable smooth, moist sauna bath. The stylish graphite-grey stove can be installed on the floor or integrated into the benches using a soapstone fitting collar. The Cava DE model is controlled by a Midi or Digi II controller. For Cava DET, controller options are T1 and EC 50.



All of 100 kg of sauna stones are held in a steel brazier. The secret behind this top-quality stove's soft and relaxing heat is in full-length heating elements that heat up even the topmost stones on the stove. The heat radiates evenly and quickly in every direction. The beautifully designed brazier ensures that the eye-catching collection of natural stones is a real centre piece in the sauna.

You can give free rein to your interior design plans as Rocher can be installed in a corner or on the floor near a wall, or in the middle of the sauna sunk into the benches, using a glass or soapstone collar also suitable for underlighting.

The Rocher DE model is controlled by a Midi or Digi II controller. For Rocher DET, controller options are T1 and EC 50.



The modernly designed FONDA stove series is a smart option for fans of the traditional Finnish sauna, thanks to its large, 20-kg stone compartment and powerful heat output. Fonda delivers wave after wave of sharp and intense heat to every corner of the sauna room. Fonda stoves are primarily intended for sauna rooms of 5-12 m3. 

Choose from two models: Fonda STJ incorporates an integrated control panel, thermostat and timer (9 + 3 h), and Fonda DET is used with either the T1 or EC 50 touchpad controller.


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