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Door switch system

Remotely controlled saunas should have the sauna door equipped with a switch that prevents remote or preset start of the sauna heater if the sauna door is opened while the system is in standby mode


T2 control and WE 14 contactor box combinations can be equipped with door switch series WE 14 that controls the sauna door. If the sauna is entered, the control unit is switched back to standby mode from a push button. This is to prevent any danger that can be caused if a towel or other combustible materials has been forgotten on the heater.


If the door that is equipped with the switch is left open during the sauna bathing the system generates an alarm. The door switch is not needed if the control of the heater control is installed inside the sauna room.


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Fitting electric heaters Door switch system


This new control panel is designed to control the heater or steam bath – and it is good looking too. T2 is equipped with a touch-control and it shows temperature and time in operating mode. It has the ability to pre-program the heating of your sauna up to 23 hours ahead. It is also equipped with a switch for lighting, an easy control for the temperature, a switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius, a 12 h/24 h format, multiple language and other more advanced settings and a testing possibility. 



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