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HSI 70

HSI 70 is specially adapted as a corner unit, making the most of the space you have.

Inside, the same indulgently healthful features of all Helo infrared cabinets, including multi-directional warmth generation, easy-touch digital controls and an integrated personal sound system. 

Available in Hemlock and Cedar.

- 129 x 198 x 129 cm measurements make effective use of corner space, with plenty of room for interior comfort
- 6 heater elements in the back area, sides, and front / leg areas and heated benches and ceramic tile flooring provide more sources of soothing warmth
- Low cost-effective power output: 1740 Watts
- Comes fully equipped with Valance spot lighting, digital interior and exterior controls, built-in sound system with radio and CD player, and LED Colorlight therapy


Images HSI 70

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