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A basic bench package.

A basic bench package that enables you to quickly refurbish your sauna facilities at home, in your holiday house or summer cottage. The bench package is available in three different measurements: 1625 mm, 1815 mm and 2105 mm. You can enhance the aesthetic appeal by fitting a grille between the benches or a backrest. The Suvi bench is ideal for contractors’ projects thanks to its affordable price.

The Features

Bench length

If needed, you can adjust the bench length at the installation location or order the benches from us adjusted to the correct length.


The depth of the upper bench is 540 mm.


Standard delivery without the grille and the backrest.


Two-step stool as an accessory.


Frame support which is available as an extra enables bench installation in renovations when panels are not being replaced.


Materials available include aspen, black alder, heat-treated pine and heat-treated aspen and aspen/front edges in heat-treated aspen.


A heater cannot be integrated into a Suvi bench which is delivered complete with a foot rail.

Sauna lighting

Traditional sauna lighting installed underneath the upper bench is ideal for the Suvi design.

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